Regular manicures and treatments go a long way in strengthening nails and ensuring healthy growth. We offer waterless manicures, because soaking can weaken nails and ultimately reduce the longevity of a manicure. Water actually dehydrates the nail plate and causes it to expand. Our service will keep your hands, nails, and cuticles healthy and more beautiful for days. All hand treatments include cutting, shaping, cuticle cleaning, hand massage, and your choice of polish to end on the perfect note. (Please note: We are not able to provide manicures for acrylic nails). We used Premium Drop-N-Go quick dry product, your nails polish will dry within 5 minutes after applying.


 An exceptional one hour get away from stressful day to a treatment that is the perfect present for yourself or with a friend. Pedicures begins with soak in warm foot basin included disposable liner cover that is thrown away after each use, also anti-bacteria tablet are always added to your foot soak. This is the safest and most sanitary way for you to enjoy pedicures without afraid getting cross- contamination. All types of Pedicures callus treatment are included. We offered comfortable reclining chairs to create a relaxing atmosphere during pedicures. Clients come from surrounding cities just to enjoy the serenity and leave with results that last.

Natural Manicure $15
This service Included Nail-clipping, shaping and full cuticle maintenance, cuticle oil treatment, buffering and moisturizing massage with triple rich Aloe Vera lotion (oh so good!). Finishing with Polish of your choice to perfection.

Natural Pedicure $25 
For busy clientele that still wants to look good on pedicures without all the time and fuss. Nails filing, shaping, clipping, full cuticle trim maintenance, cuticle oil treat and buffering. Your legs & soles absorb with a luxurious moisturizing of Triple Aloe Vera lanolin lotion with a full foot and calves massage for 10 minutes (oh so good!) warm towel are the final step to relaxing and relieve your achy feet. Shine Buff or Polish of your choice to perfection. 

 Lavender Manicure $20 
Relax your mind, body, and soul while you enjoy this lavishing treatment.  Lavender salt scrub is applied to exfoliate the hand’s dead skin cells, then relax while a warm paraffin is applied followed by hand massage using soothing lavender lotion.  Includes 10 minutes of massage.  Experience total relaxation! Comes with your choice of polish.

Lavender Pedicure $30 
Our very best reserve for you! Pamper, indulge, and spoil me in Lavender. Buffing your soles prior soak your tired feet in warming water and exfoliate in organic Lavender sea salt scrub. Then we give Warm paraffin treat for your feet. Silky massaging 10+minutes in Lavender lotion and warm towel, finally making you feels like you again. Oh Yes Spoil Me NOW! Get your favorite polish to finish.

Milk & Honey Manicure $25 
Washing your arm to hand with a warm calming milk bath to softens and moisturizes dry skin with soothing, hydrating properties, and then milk & honey salt scrub will exfoliate your skin.  A honey mask coats the hand, which are then wrapped in warm towels.  It is all finished with a whipped butter crème milk and honey lotion with 10 minutes massage.  Delicious! Your favorite nails polish of choice.

Milk & Honey Pedicure $35 
Have dry skin on legs or soles? Try our ultra moisturizing pedicure! Your feet will be soaked in our Milky footbath. We shape your nails and trim your cuticles. Callus Remover is applied to rough and dry heel. Our Sugar H&M Scrub will be used for a gentle exfoliation to the dead skin, creating a healthier and more radiant glow. Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap is then applied to the legs & Soles with warm towels. Finally, an extended Milk and Honey Butter Cream for foot, legs 15 minutes massage. Grab your favorite color, too. 

Peppermint Manicure $25 
Our best manicure type is designed to focus on specifically care for stiffing, aching including an extended massage with reflexology by using Peppermint lotion to ease stress and that gently puts all joints through their full range of motion to decrease stiffness. Peppermint Salt Scrub uses to exfoliate dry skin, leaving arms, elbows, and hands silky smooth. Peppermint mud mask wrapped with hot towel then warm paraffin treatment apply to increases blood circulation and joint mobility it will literally leaves you tingling in your seat. The finale of this is your polish of choice.

Peppermint Pedicure $35 
Peppermint Pedicure stimulates circulation and provides temporary relief to your sore muscles and joints.  This service includes callous filing to repair and nourish cracked soles, and sooth aching, reddened area, or damaged skin. An intense exfoliation by peppermint salt scrub & peppermint mud mask for calves with hot towel wrapped plus warm paraffin treat on your soles. We finish off this pedicure with a wonderful soothing peppermint lotion massage for 15 minutes.  Chose your favorite color.

Hot Stone Rescue Manicure $30
Allow us to come to your rescue. If your nails are thin layer, brittle or nail biter? This treatment we focus on meticulous cuticle detail, oil, buffing will be performed, lemon grass scrub exfoliation followed by a therapeutic paraffin wax treat to restore moisture back into the nails & cuticles. Hot Stone included with a relaxing extended 10 minutes reflexology style pressure points to hands massage with cucumber lotion. Cucumber mask wrap with warm towel. Nail growth stimulator will be applied before polish to regain strength in the nails. Let us help you begin a new journey to healthy beautiful hands.

Hot Stone Rescue Pedicure $40
This is the perfect pedicure for the ultimate in foot treatment repair of dry heel. Included Callus treatment, thorough lemon grass scrub exfoliation followed by Warm Paraffin treat. Hot Stone included with a relaxing extended 15 minutes reflexology style pressure points to foot/legs massage with cucumber lotion. Finishing with cucumber mask applied with warm towel wrap. Your pedicure is polished to perfection or buffed to a glass shine.

Kid Ages 6-12 Manicure  $10 
Shorten length Shape. File. Slightly cuticles work. Buff. Follow by massage with vanilla shimmer lotion. Your favorite nails polish of choice.

Kid Ages 6-12 Pedicures  $20
Shorten length Shape. File. Slightly cuticles work. Buff. Follow by massage with vanilla shimmer lotion. Your favorite nails polish of choice.

Shellac/Gel Manicure---$30
French/American Shellac/Gel---$35 

You use your hands to express yourself. They are one of the first things people notice about you. If you want beautiful, nails that always look good, Shellac/Gel nails are the way to go. Having Gel nails applied is an enjoyable and pampering experience. We offer a wide line of durable and natural-looking gel mirror. We are experts at all kinds of Gel nails finishes and repairs for instant strength and beauty. Give us a chance to care your nails at Nail Care, where attention to detail is everything.  Shellac/Gel nails are both dry under a UV/LED lamp, all done with the same step. Shellac looks thin and is applied exactly on your natural nails; you may wear them for UP TO 2+ weeks. It's also free of the three chemical baddies: formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. No time drying, you will be dry when finish. 


MASSAGESLet your aches and pains melt away with our massage techniques. Reflexology –The use of thumb, finger, and hand techniques to apply pressure on your hands or feet to stimulate and soothe your body and ease your inner soul.  This treatment is excellent for unblocking energy channels and circulating the body system. Neck and Shoulder. The use of thumb, finger, and hand techniques to apply pressure on your neck and shoulder.  This treatment helps to relieve stress and increase blood circulation.


Extra Massage 15 Minutes: $10 with any services

Extra Massage 20 minutes: $15 with any services

Head/Neck/Shoulder or Legs/Foot Massage:

Peppermint Warm Oil+Hot Stone 30 minutes/ $25  OR 

45 Minutes/$35 OR 1hour --- $45.    


Add On Services
Polish Change Hands or Feet ---- $8/$12 
Regular polish French Hands/Toes ----$5/$5 
Nail Art/ 2 Designs ---- $5. 10 Designs --- $10 & UP 
Kid ages 6-12 Polish Change hands/feet ---- $7, $8  
Shellac French/American --- $5  
Extra callus work ---- Included with any Pedicure 
Soak Off Gel are Included with a Manis/Pedis service. 
Gel Removal only $5. Acrylic Soak-off Only $10.  
Paraffin hands or feet --- $5  
Shellac/Gel $15 added to any Manis/Pedis services
Kid >5 years old polish change Hand/Toes --- $5/$5  


Upper Lip $6
Chin $8
Eyebrow $10
Face 30
Under Arm $15
Half Arm (2) $30
Half Leg (2) $40
Chest/Back $30/$35

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Buy a gift card for the one you love and appreciated, to show your love toward them, it will make a wonderful memory in their lifetime. 

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